The workout is in the to-do-list of every man. Majority of the men can live without eating but hardly leave the workout sessions. The fact is that every man, who likes to see him in shape and fit, will never quit the workout ever in life.

Fitness apps on Android

Men love to spend hours in the gym and attend sessions for workouts. They have the same need of appearing well as the women have. Different men have different ways of fitness, some go for morning evening walks, some go to regular gyms, and some prefers exercise at home. They also focus on the regular care of their body and heath, which is crucial in this fast moving life. But the presence of smartphone and latest technology around us has made life very simple and easy to go.

The android apps for the workouts is the major example that now you can have them in your phone too. Some of the most depending apps are:

–          Men’s Health Workouts

With this supportive app, the men can find out their required exercises and workout plans instantly. The workouts are available from the famous trainers and workout instructors from around the world. More than 150 workouts are available along with step by step instructions. Moreover, the workouts related to specific body parts are offered as well. With these useful workouts, any man can build his attractive physique and can maintain good health.

–          SmartRunner

It is an app that measures all of your running tracks and records. It tells you that how much you have ran and what your speed was. The app also records your next riding, walking, and jogging activities. Hence, this app is the best one for your morning and evening health activities, as you will also get to know about the distance and the average of the day.

–          Adidas MiCoach

It is an app that will get you the experience of real time workout with the real trainer’s voice. There are so many fitness plans in this app and you can choose anyone that suits your requirements. The app measures all the calories, workouts, and timings of your workouts. You will get the daily alerts on your phone directly with this app. The app is highly known and dependable in the workout market.

So, all the men out there, who want to keep themselves healthy, must get these apps in their Android smartphone.