Who doesn’t like all time action-packed Fast & Furious movie? It is one of the blockbuster movies that car freaks like the most.  Not only this, even every non-car lover likes it too. The movie has everything that any of the action fans would ask for including the amazing customized cars, the thrilling stunts, and the catchy music. Everything has been done with the sheer excellence. Hence, people like to watch it again and again.  Not only this, racers like to write the movie name on their cars too. They put car wallpapers on their cell phones and modify their cars like that.  Consequently, the madness is going on.

For all those Fast & Furious lovers, the good news is just here! Now, they can not only get the wallpapers, modify the cars, but also play their favorite movie’s game on their Android Smartphone via google android games. Android has made it possible for them by offering few amazing racing games.

Since you are a racing devotee, all you need is to get these games at once from Google Play and enjoy them on your Android smartphone. You can pick any of the following games:

–          Fast & Furious Race: Do you want to be a real racer? This game will make you feel like one. This racing game has so many action packed features. You can control the speed with the movements, can demolish your enemies’ cars by firing, and can dodge the enemies’ cars as well.

 –          Fast & Furious Game 6: The Game: The game of the latest movie in the Fast & Furious clan, which made everyone says wow, is now available on Google Play as well. You can customize your car with a variety of stuff and can enjoy online racing in tournaments. However, to win this amazing game, you will have to collect the gold and coins.

 –          3D Fast & Furious game: The 2 Fast 2 Furious is for all of those, who wish to play the real car racing game. This thrilling car racing game offers you all including time speed, burst mode, bullet firing, and beautiful 3D features. Moreover, you can have fun with the overtaking, power brakes, and background sounds along with experiencing the stunning drifting fun in this game.

What are you waiting for now? Get these games from Google Play without wasting time and enjoy racing on the tracks.