This is not any secret that many of us avoid visiting the dentist especially being a kid. We had this perception that the dentist might do something horrible to our teeth. He could drill our teeth, pull it out with the horrible instrument, and can do much more. However, these all were the silly thoughts that were in our little mind.

However, with the passage of time, we get to know that how important it is to go to the dentist and to get the regular check up of the teeth. Dentists are not evils, as we thought of them being kids. They are pretty reliable people. Of course, they save our teeth.

Have you ever thought that how it would feel like being a dentist? That sounds funny but you can enjoy this feeling by playing the dentist games on your Android gadget. You can download these games from Google Play to experience being a dentist. Some of the popular dentist theme Android games are as follows:

Crazy Dentist

As we talked earlier that no one really likes to go to the dentist because everyone thinks that there will be some crazy individual in the clinic. Do you want to know how much a dentist can be crazy? If yes then try playing Crazy Dentist game. You can be a dentist and can do all the crazy things that anyone could think of. You can paint the patient’s teeth, can fill the water in their mouth, can take out any tooth you want to, and much more crazy stuff you want to try.

Zombie Dentist

How does it feel like to be the dentist of the zombies? You can treat them in whatever way you want. You do not have to be afraid of the pain as well. The most fun part is that you will have only one tool in the clinic and that is a hammer. You can remove any tooth you want to but within just 60 seconds. In this time, you will have to break as many teeth as possible. Make the highest score and compare with others.

Dentist Office

Teeth may have many problems and it is your duty to cure them being a dentist. The patients will come to you and you have to take care of their teeth in the best possible way. Examine the teeth carefully and select the type of treatment they need while playing Dentist Office game.