The updates for Android bring new security features which have made it difficult for the developers to get root access on Android devices and modify the system files.

The developers breathe a sigh of relief when Chainfire released the systemless root method, which allowed them to get root access and alter the system files without changing the system itself.

Later, other developers also started efforts to make their custom MODs available for Android devices to go systemless. Developer topjohnwu outsmarted his counterparts and developed an interface built upon systemless principles over at xda called Xposed.

It is has been now into evolved into Magisk, which is a shortened name for Magic Mask.

In this article you how you can install Magisk on your device and make an altered mask of the system without tampering with the system partition.

You will need TWRP Recovery Installed on your device to install Magisk. Follow this guide to install TWRP Recovery via Fastboot on Android

Magisk Features:

Here is the list of some major features of Magisk.

Magic Mount: This feature enables the developers to add new and replace existing files and directories in the styem, making it possible for mods to go systemless.

Magisk Manager: With this app, the developers can manage your installedMagisk Mods as well as your root status.

Magisk Hide: This feature allows the developers to hide Magisk from detection.

Multiple Entry Points: Magisk provides multiple entry points to developers to run scripts and pauses the booting process before they are done.

Resetprop: This feature allows the developers to modify system props (build.prop), including read only props.

it is worth mentioning that Magisk requires boot image modifications, so you will need unlocked bootloader to install it on your device.

Hence, restoring your device to stock system and rebooting it is recommended before you install the program.

If you are unable to do so, make sure that there is nothing related to root (/system/xbin/su, /data/su.img, /sbin/su) and Xposed existing in your device.

Download and Install Magisk

Download the Zip File of Magisk from Here to your device and boot it into TWRP recovery.

Click Install and choose the Magisk zip file that you’ve downloaded into your device’s storage.

Scroll to bottom of the screen and do Swipe to Confirm Flash.

Once the flashing process is done, you will see Roboot System option, choose it and reboot your device.

Congratulations you can now install Magisk Manager from Google Play Store.