After teaching you how to unlock and then relock your Google Nexus 10 bootloader, now we’ll show you how to easily root your Android-based tablet. The rooting operation is extremely important for those who want to use their tablets on another level. By gaining root access, you will be able to changes into the internal system of your Nexus tablet and thus can improve and update the performance of your device.
This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to root your Google Nexus 10 using One-Click method.
Prerequisites and warnings
The following guide is just for the Samsung Nexus 10 tablet, so don’t step forward if you’ve any device other than Nexus 10.
Giving the fact that a bootloader unlock procedure is required; you need to backup all your personal data personal data and the current ROM of your device directly on an external HDD because bootloader unlocking procedure implies a full data-wipe.
Your device should be fully charged before you start with the procedure.
Instructions Guide
First of all, unlock the bootloader of your Samsung Nexus 10.
Next, download the required root archive and tools and save them on your computer.
First download the Android SDK and then ‘superboot” app.
Extract the superboot files on your PC.
Now, switch off your Nexus 10 and power it up by pressing and holding the Volume up, Volume down and Power buttons simultaneously until the massage “Start” is displayed on the screen. This is the Fastboot Mode.
Connect your tablet with your computer via original USB cord.
After connecting your device with your PC, go on the folder where you have extracted the “Superboot” rooting tool and from there click on the superboot-windows file to get the rooting procedure started.
Just wait until the process completes and the device reboots automatically.
As a final point, safely unplug the USB cord and you’re done.
Congratulations!!! You have successfully rooted your Samsung Nexus 10 and you can now customize your device anyway you like.