While working on a PC or laptop, you can get things done quickly using shortcuts like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V and Ctrl+S. But is it possible to be fast enough on a mobile device?

Well, if you are an Android user the answer is yes. Google’s flagship OS offers a series of innovative shortcuts for everything from taking a screenshot to forcing a reboot.

However, these shortcuts are hidden, and not all users know about them.

But don’t worry, we have made up a list of eight Android shortcuts that will help you do things faster. Let’s have a look at it.

  1. Take a Screenshot:

Taking a screenshot on an Android smartphone was a bothering process in the past. But the recent versions of the OS, it has become a super easy job.

Just press the power and volume-down buttons of your device simultaneously, and the system will capture a screenshot. Usually, the destination of the saved screenshots is the “Screenshots” folder in Google Photos but can also be found in any other gallery app.

  1. Manage Notifications:

Some notifications are really frustrating. Next time, when you receive such a notification don’t be angry. Just press and hold the notification to open advanced settings, where you can control how and when the app should notify you.

  1. Snap between Apps:

Delays in snapping between the apps consume a lot of time. But if your device is running Android 7.0 or higher, you can save your time using a fast-snap function.

Just double tap the square-shaped Overview Key between Home and Back buttons and you will be able to flip between your two most recently used apps.

  1. On/Off Screen with Double Tap:

In some latest smartphones, you can wake the screen by tapping your finger on it twice. To off the screen with a double tap, your device should be on home or lock screen.

If you are unable to on/off the screen with the double tap, go to display section of your system settings and make sure that the pertaining option is enabled.

  1. Force a Reboot:

We use our Android devices for different purposes all the day. Sometimes, things go wrong, and it gets partially or completely frozen. If you ever experience such situation, don’t panic, just press and hold down the power and volume-up buttons simultaneously for a few seconds to reboot your device.

  1. Activate Multi-Window Mode with a Single Press:

Android’s split-screen functionality allows you to use two or more apps or at the same time. If your device runs Nougat or higher, you can split the screen just by pressing and holding Overview key.

When you want to revert to the single-view app, just press and hold the same key again.

This shortcut works on Nexus and Pixel device as well as the latest handsets of Motorola and HTC, which use Google’s multi-window implementation. Since LG and Samsung devices use their own split-screen modes, it doesn’t work with them.

  1. Launch Camera from Lock Screen:

You can miss a perfect moment while trying to unlock your device and looking for the camera app. So don’t waste your time, just tap twice the power button of your device and the camera will be turned on.

Ths shortcut works on Pixel and Nexus phones as well as the latest devices of Samsung Galaxy and HTC. In LG devices, the volume-down button is used as a shortcut to the camera.

  1. Turn on ‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode without Fuss

Sometimes, the rings and beeps of our phone frustrate us, and we want it to remain quite. When that time comes next, don’t futz around with looking for on-screen menus and icons; just on the display of your device, and press and hold the volume-down key for a few seconds.

Your phone will switch into the vibrate-only mode. If you even don’t want your device to create buzz, release the volume-down button and then press it once more to activate the full do-not-disturb mode, in which only alarm will cause it to make the sound.

This shortcut works on all the devices running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or higher.

When you want to deactivate the Do Not Disturb Mode, simply press and hold the volume-up button, and your device will be back in the normal state.