Due to the non-availability of Print Screen option, taking a screenshot on a smartphone was a bothering process in early days of Android. However, in the recent versions of the operating system, the users can do this job easily.

In this article, I will guide you about some simple ways to take screenshots on different Android smartphones running different versions of the OS.

Shortcuts by Manufacturers:

In most of the Android smartphones, you can simply take a screenshot by pressing and holding the volume-down and power buttons simultaneously. However, this action is a slight tricky. Pressing the button too soon will switch-off the screen display and pressing the volume button too quickly could ruin your screenshot by an onscreen volume slider.

If you have Samsung Galaxy S6, you can take a screenshot by holding and pressing the home and power buttons simultaneously.

Device-Specific Options:

Several Android smartphones offer you more than one methods to capture the screenshots.

Like in Galaxy S6, you can also do it by just swiping your palm. To enable this functionality, go to Settings, Motions and Gestures and select Palm Swipe to Capture.

And Sony Xperia Z3 Plus not only lets you capture the screenshot but also record the screen. To access this option, press the power button on the device.

Root & Install an App:

All of the devices running on Android Lollipop allow the users to take screenshots. In older versions of of the OS, you can install a screencast app after rooting the device.

There are a number of free screencast apps out there but I will recommend you to try Free Lollipop Screen Recorder, which you can download from Google Play Store.

Do it with a Premium App without Rooting:

if you device is running a version older then Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, you can take screenshots without the hassle of rooting the device by downloading a premium screenshot app such as No Root Screenshot It, which is available at £2.99.

This app will ask you to install a free desktop application on your Windows. To enable the screenshots on your mobile, connect it to your PC and run the desktop app.

Use Android SDK:

The owners of any Android smartphone can also take a screenshot with Android SDK by Google. Download this app and configure it. Once done, connect your phone to your Windows machine with its USB cable to grab a screen.